Efficient services in application, information system, and corporate IT infrastructure hosting aimed at securing full service, a comfortable working interface, and adequate protection with high-quality support.

Private Clouds – SaaS, PaaS

Private clouds represent the next development stage in IT services. They retain the benefits of consolidation and virtualization, extending them with other important features such as shared resource pooling, self-service functions, scalability, flexibility, and usage-based billing.

Benefits and features of private clouds
Cloud Solution Packages

Migrating to the cloud is even easier today. We’ve put together cloud solution packages for you.

Overview of packages
Backup and Administration

As resources are shared when the services are secured by RSM CZ system specialists, the costs of a company’s own IS/IT (TCO) operation can be reduced significantly, while preconditions are created for labour productivity growth based on an optimal level of infrastructure performance and failure minimization.

Backup and Administration
Microsoft 365

It facilitates and simplifies communication and knowledge sharing among your employees, helping them to stay up-to-date on the company and important information. It provides a high-performance environment for tasks performed on computers, via telephone, and in browsers.

Microsoft 365
ERP Hosting

An excellent solution for start-up companies that don’t want to invest in buying their own servers, licensing software and having their own IT department.

ERP Hosting
System log management

If you are already collecting logs from various sources, you also want to be able to easily search through them and always have a clear view of them.

Managing system logs
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