Save time and money with the annual tax return app.

We have developed the Payminator web application for easier and more efficient management of your employees’ tax rebates. It is an innovative solution that completely replaces the paper-based administration associated with filling in the Taxpayer Declaration and Annual Tax Statement forms, including the delivery of all the necessary confirmations for claiming the rebates without the need for physical signatures.

Main features and benefits of Payminator

  • Export to payroll system
  • Simple form filling that employees can do themselves
  • Archiving of all forms and documents
  • Quick and easy implementation in a few days
  • Automatic alerts and checks
  • The application is available at any time and from anywhere in Czech and English
  • Statistics and reports for a complete overview of the entire process

The application has been updated in accordance with legislative changes. We ensure the security of sensitive employee data and adhere to relevant data protection laws and regulations. Your information is encrypted and safeguarded against unauthorised access.

For more information about the Payminator app, please visit

Your contact persons

Jakub Rosenbaum

Product Development, Payminator

Jiřina Kovaříková

Head of Payroll