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What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing of IT services means that the administration of the optimal operation of applied systems and applications is contracted to an external provider.

As a direct result of this, operational and personnel costs decrease and a company’s own resources are freed up for its core business activities.

The service provides daily administration of resources in the form of server operating systems, application servers, applications, backup functions and related resources across corporate IT/IS infrastructure, including SW distribution.

Outsourcing Benefits

  • secure administration of complex IT/IS infrastructure systems is assured by 24/7 service from RSM CZ specialists
  • systems management and automated administration tools are deployed to consolidate administration of the environment and increase its efficiency
  • support for efficient infrastructure development in accordance with the planned life cycles of all elements constituting the IS/IT environment is coordinated through a detailed overview of system statuses
  • work organization and performance of defined tasks in accordance with SLA increases work productivity
  • reduction of direct (labour and material) and indirect (minimization of unavailability times) costs through deploying system specialists and remote administration tools

Outsourcing Features

  • data storage, backup, and recovery
  • security and access – administration of access safety and control, administration of vulnerabilities, intrusion prevention
  • system management – remote administration of the operating system and applications, patch management, software distribution, remote control, asset management, deployment and transfer of the operating system
  • virtualization – application and server virtualization
  • messaging and collaboration – administration of resources and information exchange

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