Modern cloud ERP as a steppingstone to foreign investors

Do you have big plans with your business, and you would like to attract (ideally) foreign investors and expand to the world? Of course, there are exceptions, but in most of the cases it is not enough to have amazing idea or business model and good results. Potential investors consider the whole range of different factors and indicators. In these are also included your company processes and systems, their effectivity and potential compatibility with what specific investor uses. Simply put – company rather invests to the subject that works with similar programs as they do. In that case, possible integration is far quicker, effective, and of course cheaper. One of the most important information company system is ERP.

Quality ERP as a base

Whether you are trying for expansion and entrance of the investor (or thinking about it in the future), or no, you should not underestimate ERP (read also, why you should acquire ERP). Right system should respond to the requirements and needs of your company, should provide quality online data and reports, and of course you should also have it under control from the financial point of view – costs should be transparent, predictable, and effectively used only for what you use. Suitable ERP platform should also be flexible to the maximum and in addition robust enough in case of quick growth or mentioned foreign expansion. These basic requirements are fulfilled by modern cloud information systems with fully integrated platform, that will allow you to work effectively, provide quality data in real time for correct manager decisions and offer optimal IT base for further development and growth of your business. Global leader in this branch is cloud ERP solution NetSuite from Oracle company, that is used by more than 21 thousand organizations in almost 200 countries of the world. Why? NetSuite presents complex solution (from ERP to customer CRM, to fully integrated eCommerce), which:
  • Offers various editions according to the segment of business
  • Is scalable and grows according to current needs of the company
  • Is cost-effective because it allows to choose and license only modules and functionality that company needs
  • Supports expansion to the foreign markets thanks to many different languages, currencies, and tax systems
  • Is thanks to save in online cloud available from anywhere through web browser or app
  • Is saving costs on hardware and its maintenance
Thanks to these unique properties is NetSuite suitable and advantageous for companies of almost any size and not only because of functionalities but also from costs point of view. Although this is a solution used all over the world, in different language and legislative environments, with us you can use a fully localized version for the Czech Republic and Slovakia in the form of a special package that we have developed based on our many years of experience with this system. Thanks to our unique solution, your reporting will be fully aligned with Czech and Slovak accounting laws, tax standards and legislative requirements and it will be also ready in case of foreign expansion. What does this Czech and Slovak bundle NetSuite include?
  • Integration on official register ARES
  • Reliability control of VAT payers
  • Numbering of documents
  • Automatization of exchange rates ČNB and ECB
  • Advance payment processing
  • A comprehensive VAT administration solution
  • VAT return and inspection report
  • Statutory statements – balance sheet and profit and loss statement incl. detailed reports
  • Predefined print assemblies based on requirements
Are you interested in NetSuite and do you want to know more information or non-bidding offer? We will be happy to help you. We are official provider of NetSuite for both countries for over ten years and through this period we executed great number of successful implementations and other activities. If you are quickly developing company that is planning expansion on international markets or new market segments, NetSuite is the right solution for you.
RSM contributors

Zdeno Dubnička

Head of NetSuite