Cloud Solution Packages

You choose a package based on the size of your company and always get a set of additional services for free.

We offer a wide range of packages to make your company’s migration to the cloud easier. Simply choose the package that best fits the size of your business, and as a bonus, you’ll get additional services absolutely free. Migrating to the cloud is now easier than ever.

Up to 5 users
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Current status

  • Start-up, up to 5 users
  • Without own HW/SW

Future status

  • 1 virtual server
    • File system
    • Accounting application
  • Mail and MS Office within Office365


Up to 10 users
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Current status

  • Small company with up to 10 employees
  • Outdated HW, incomplete/outdated software licenses

Future state

  • 2 virtual servers
    • Own domain
    • File system, printing services
    • ERP, accounting, CRM
    • 1st Level Support
  • Mail (MS Office) in Office365 / mail migration to Exchange Online


Small to medium business
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Current status

  • Small to medium business
  • Insufficient HW or licenses
  • Custom mail solution

Future state

  • 3 virtual servers
    • Own domain
    • More demanding on data space
    • Stronger data line
    • Multiple database applications, MS Office
    • Mail migration to Exchange Online / management
    • 1 st Level Support
Medium sized business with branch offices
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Current status

  • Medium sized company with a broader scope and branches
  • Need to replace HW, own current licensed software
  • Exchange On-Premise, multiple mailboxes and archives

Future state

  • 5-10 virtual servers
    • Own domain with more objects and rules
    • Large data volume and space for archives
    • Hierarchical file system with advanced level of permission settings
    • Multiple database applications, MS Office
    • Business communication/video conferencing programs
    • Migration to Exchange Online / Office365 management
    • 1st + 2nd Level Support

Free with every package

  • Monitoring 24×7
  • ServiceDesk (SPOC) 24×7 on 844 171 171
  • Data and virtual machine backup
  • Antivirus, Antispam, Firewall
  • Connectivity up to 50 Mbps
  • Data exclusively in the Czech Republic
  • Licensing consulting
  • Office365 management (depending on volume)
  • Service set-up (implementation)
  • ISO 27001
  • GDPR Ready
  • Calculation of service turnaround
  • Possible assistance with selection

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