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Private Clouds – SaaS, PaaS

What Is a Private Cloud?

Private clouds represent the next development stage in IT services. They retain the benefits of consolidation and virtualization, extending them with other important features such as shared resource pooling, self-service functions, scalability, flexibility, and usage-based billing.

Private Cloud Benefits

  • transfers responsibility to the supplier
  • minimizes initial costs and optimizes operational costs through resource sharing
  • secures a permanent competitive advantage through highly professional services
  • guarantees solutions in the range ending with the client station
  • provides elasticity – resources can be extended instantly or newly contracted in an automated manner or through defined procedures

Private Cloud Features

  • SaaS (Software as a Service) – application hosting; the primary function of the product is to secure operation of the applications that support key corporate processes according to the service commitment defined in an SLA
  • PaaS (Platform as a Service) – platform hosting; providing developers with an appropriate environment for creating and administering new applications
  • enables the combination of various administration solutions, from physical servers through the environment of private clouds to public clouds; within their environment, private clouds support operations with hypervisors from various producers, operational systems, and application environments

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