Identity Management

An information system that can control the lifecycle of all user accounts in an organisation from one place, while tracking changes through auditing.

Our Identity Management service offers considerable advantages to your organisation. It seamlessly integrates alterations in employee details with their respective accounts and permissions, thereby ensuring consistent and effective management.

The capability of our system to interconnect diverse enterprise application environments facilitates effortless management in intricate settings. We deliver an exceptional user experience, enabling employees to access their accounts and permissions with ease and convenience, thereby enhancing productivity and overall satisfaction.

We provide centralised and regulated management of accounts and permissions, resulting in an elevated level of security.

Finally, Identity Management is engineered to comply with regulatory standards and audits pertinent to identity management, offering additional assurance and credibility.

Identity Management features

  • Introduction of multi-functional controls.
  • Solutions built on the most sophisticated technologies.
  • Need to ensure that ICT components or the complete solution are adapted to create effective support for processes taking place within the applicant’s scope of activities.
  • Creation of definitions for individual user roles and their permissions.
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