IT Consolidation and Optimization

Consolidation of IT infrastructure is a modern trend which will give your company a head start on its competitors in the field of IT, while enabling considerable financial savings.

IT consolidation and optimization leads to a unified architecture and IP scheme. Furthermore, Internet connectivity and remote access are being unified. On the one hand, the consolidation of IT and infrastructure reduces the costs of supporting IT systems, while on the other hand it leads to a more efficient investment in IT equipment and more efficient staff and processes.

We also provide data center optimization and consolidation, server platform consolidation, disk storage, databases and application layer rationalization.

We are one of the three official partners of Microsoft Czech Republic for IT infrastructure optimization.

IT consolidation and optimization brings many benefits to organizations that improve their competitiveness and efficiency. Thanks to IT consolidation and optimization, it is possible to discover large reserves in resources and capacities that will allow further development without the need to invest in new equipment. At the same time, it improves access to data storage and backup, which increases the security and availability of information. It allows you to standardise equipment for easier operation and maintenance. With the right IT consolidation and optimization, you will gain a technological edge over your competitors by using the latest solutions and technologies. You’ll also gain a new approach to server technology licensing that is more flexible and profitable.

Features of IT consolidation and optimization

  • The optimization model allows you to understand and then improve the state of your IT infrastructure.
  • Infrastructure management becomes highly automated and proactive with the help of optimization.
  • Solutions that provide better scalability and can be adjusted depending on the expected increase in the number of users.
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Martin Zeman

Head of IT Infrastructure & Logistics