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IT Consolidation and Optimization

What is IT consolidation and optimization?

Consolidation of IT infrastructure is a modern trend which will give your company a head start on its competitors in the field of IT, while enabling considerable financial savings. Consolidation involves analyzing any inefficiencies in the existing IT infrastructure. The architecture and IP scheme are also unified. Internet access and remote access are unified. Consolidation of IT and the IT infrastructure leads to reduced IT support systems costs, increased appreciation in the value of IT equipment investments, and higher work efficiency of employees and processes.

Our company also provides optimization and consolidation of data centers, server platforms, disk storage facilities and databases, and rationalization of application layers.

We are one of the three official partners of Microsoft Czech Republic for IT infrastructure optimization.

IT Consolidation and Optimization Benefits

  • uncovers large reserves, enabling further development requiring no investments
  • provides better access to data storage and backup
  • standardization of equipment enables easier operation
  • puts companies ahead of the game
  • creates higher operational efficiencies
  • offers a new approach to the licensing of server technologies

IT Consolidation and Optimization Features

  • optimization model enables understanding and subsequent improvement of the condition of IT infrastructure
  • optimization turns infrastructure administration into a highly automated and proactive process
  • solutions provide better scalability and can be adjusted for anticipated user increases

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