Advisory in acqusitions and divestments

In the life of almost every company or its owner, there are situations when, as part of their growth, they consider buying another company, business or part of a business.

The reasons for buying a company can be both strategic and financial appreciation of the investment. The opposite situation is the sale of the company by its owners or the sale of part of the business.

If you find yourself in the above situations, the question of the price at which to complete the transaction is absolutely critical. We will be happy to prepare a valuation of the company or part of it to support your key decisions.

What you can expect from us

We will prepare a market valuation of the company for you to have an accurate estimate and be able to negotiate the right price. We offer the following services while always taking account of the specific assignment:

  • Valuing a company’s market value or valuing a company in relation to a specific investor or seller.
  • Preparing a financial model for a company and making a valuation using the parameters defined by the investor or the seller.
  • Giving advice as to how a company’s value can be increased.
  • Presenting a company’s valuation to prospective investors, banks or other parties.

With a history of twenty years in the valuation business, we have gained extensive experience with valuing companies that come from a very wide range of industries.

Your contact persons

Jiří Skotnica

Head of Valuation

Rudolf Hájek

Senior Manager – Business Valuation