RSM launches the RSM European Real Estate Tax Guides 2024 edition

RSM International, the leading global network of accounting, tax and advisory firms has launched their latest Guides to Commercial Real Estate Taxation in Europe.

The online tax guides offer companies, investors and other stakeholders operating in the real estate market in Europe, a comprehensive overview of real estate taxes in various European countries. The guides take users through the real estate cycle from start to finish and provide practical insights into acquiring, holding and selling commercial real estate held directly or indirectly by domestic or foreign investors and legal entities. Real estate can be held in various legal entities such as registered- and privately held companies, investment funds, partnerships and trusts.

Onno Adriaansens, Head Real Estate Desk RSM Netherlands and Co-Chairman RSM European Real Estate Group. “The sixth edition of the Guides to Commercial Real Estate Taxation in Europe, underlines one of our core principles: think global, act local. Information on local tax and auditing principles in 25 European countries enables our clients and partners to facilitate cross-border real estate transactions that support their business development goals. Each of RSM’s local real estate desks is the catalyst to connect with RSM’s extensive global network of real estate experts and a significant group of industry-focused professionals.”

RSM Authors

Kateřina Provodová

Head of Tax

Eva Hyhlíková


Jiří Skotnica

Head of Valuation