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Advice during transactions

We provide our clients with proposals for solutions and help them put the solutions into practice by means of long-term assistance. Where necessary, our team members are ready to act as temporary substitutes for members of management in companies that receive our services in order to facilitate the implementation of the proposed solution.

Transaction structuring increases the company’s value, including, of course, the quantification of savings on the transactions.

We provide advice on:

Mergers by acquisition or mergers by the formation of a new company

A merger by acquisition is the operation where only one of the merging companies continues to exist while the other company is dissolved. On the other hand, in a merger by the formation of a new company, both merging companies cease to exist and a new company is formed. Both these options may have a positive impact on your business. We provide advice throughout the process, including advice on how to optimally set exchange ratios.


A demerger may also have a positive effect on your business. Reasons for a demerger may differ but it is a functional tool, for example, for separating a sound part of the company from a part in difficulties. In a demerger by spin-off, no company is formed or dissolved; instead, a part is spun off to form a new company. We will assist you in the entire process and ensure optimum exchange ratios, including the use of unequal exchange ratios.

Asset transfers to majority shareholders

Under Czech Act No. 90/2012 Sb., on Companies and Cooperatives, a majority shareholder may acquire all shares in the company into its ownership, become the sole shareholder and thus obtain all the benefits described above. A squeeze-out may take several months, and if undertaken correctly, in compliance with all statutory requirements, it cannot be prevented by minority shareholders.

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