Mobile security

We ensure your enterprise mobility deployment is secure and your corporate information is protected.

Mobile security brings many benefits to protect your organisation. Actively monitoring and preventing unauthorised devices from entering your organisation’s network is an important protection against potential threats. This ensures the security of your infrastructure. Our services support compliance with standards and successful completion of IT audits, which is crucial for reliable operations.

We also provide management and control of mobile devices and smartphones, enabling centralized control and minimizing the risks associated with their use. In addition, in this way, we reduce capital costs by leveraging existing IT infrastructure, resulting in efficiencies and savings.

Mobile security features

  • Effective monitoring of mobile applications.
  • Implementation of enterprise mobile security policies for employee groups.
  • Data security in case of loss or theft of mobile phones, tablets.
  • Design and implementation of procedures for issuing certificates to users.
  • Two-factor authentication for mobile device access.
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Petr Odvárka

Senior System Specialist