Virtualization refers to the procedures and techniques that enable non-physical access to available physical resources.

We implement virtualization using the support of renowned vendors Microsoft and VMWare. We have our own team of certified specialists who have been working with virtualization technology for a long time and have many successful projects behind them.

Why virtualize?

Automation simplifies the application management lifecycle and speeds up operating system and application deployment. You will also reduce the impact on end users associated with upgrading or repairing applications or decommissioning them. Virtualization enables managed use of applications when users are completely disconnected. You can integrate with on-premises system resources, but it prevents applications from overwriting the resources of other applications. Appropriate virtualization also reduces the number of servers you need, ensuring energy cost savings and 100% utilization of existing resources.

Features of virtualization

Virtualization creates copies of all shared resources dedicated exclusively to a given application, isolated within their own virtual environments. Provides on-demand streaming of applications over the Internet or corporate network to desktops, terminal servers or laptops.

  • You get a manageable environment where the user has the ability to tailor the system to their current needs.
  • Hardware abstraction, meaning support for legacy operating systems on new hardware.
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