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What is virtualization?

Virtualization refers to the procedures and techniques that enable non-physical access to available physical resources. It is possible to virtualize on various levels, starting from the whole computer and ending with its individual hardware components or just the software environment.

Virtualization enables better consolidation and utilization of computational resources, hence maximally appreciating the value of investments in corporate IT infrastructure.

We implement virtualization with assistance from Microsoft and VMWareas our renowned suppliers. We have our own team of certified specialists who have been dedicated to virtualization technology over a long period and have completed many successful projects.

Virtualization Benefits

  • automates and simplifies the life cycle of application management
  • accelerates deployment of the operating system and applications
  • reduces the impacts on end users associated with upgrading, repairing, or decommissioning applications
  • enables controlled usage of applications even when users are completely disconnected
  • enables integration with local system resources while preventing applications from rewriting the resources of other applications
  • reduces the number of servers, leading to energy savings and 100% utilization of the existing resources

Virtualization Features

  • creates copies of all shared resources that are intended exclusively for the specific application and are isolated in their own virtual environments
  • arranges requested transmission of applications via the Internet or a corporate network to desktop computers, terminal servers or laptops
  • offers an administrable environment where users have the ability to customize a system according to their immediate needs
  • supports older operating systems on new hardware through hardware abstraction

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