BI – Business intelligence

Products in this area integrate and process data from all possible data sources and provide relevant and immediate information about the company’s operations, predefined reports, ad hoc reports.

This powerful analytics tool creates swiftly generates internal process reports, enhancing data oversight and bolstering business adaptability. Business Intelligence (BI) plays a pivotal role in equipping your business to navigate perpetual changes.

Solutions in this domain amalgamate and process data from a myriad array of sources, delivering pertinent and immediate insights into the company’s operations, encompassing predefined and ad hoc reports.

Business Intelligence (BI) facilitates the dissemination of information crucial for strategic and operational decision-making across various intranet and extranet scorecards and dashboards.

The advantages of BI are manifold. Primarily, it extends the capabilities of existing IT solutions without necessitating the introduction of new products or extensive user training. Moreover, it streamlines and enhances the reporting process, resulting in quicker and more effective data analysis.

BI grants users a comprehensive view of vital metrics, the state of the company’s finances, expenditures, and other critical data, thereby enabling more informed decision-making. A further notable benefit is the capacity to access historical data independently of changes in information systems, aiding in long-term trend analysis.

Additionally, BI offers a dependable solution in terms of server infrastructure, translating into simpler management and heightened data security.

BI features

  • As a certified partner, we offer solutions that are combined with Microsoft and Oracle software. In particular, we implement Microsoft Power BI and QlikView solutions.
  • Custom development.
  • Collaboration on workflow solutions.
  • eCommerce solutions.
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