Wireless Networks

In our solutions, we use the resources of leading manufacturers of communication technologies operating in free and licensed bands.

Wireless networks proffer an array of benefits that significantly bolster the efficiency and convenience of operational procedures.

Foremost amongst these is the diminution in the total cost of ownership. Wireless networks obviate the necessity for extensive cabling and infrastructure, thereby accruing savings in both operational and maintenance expenditures. Mobility is a further pivotal attribute, facilitating users’ capacity to move and operate from diverse locales, thus augmenting flexibility and productivity.

Scalability stands as an additional merit of wireless networks. They can be readily extended and tailored to align with the requisites of your organisation. Paramount to smooth and swift operations is the high data transfer velocity, an imperative in today’s dynamic work environment. Data security is assured through robust encryption methods, safeguarding confidential information against unauthorised access.

Concludingly, the rapid and dependable installation of these networks minimises the time requisite for their deployment.

In sum, the myriad advantages of wireless networks contribute towards streamlined management, rapid and facile access to information, and a substantial enhancement in work efficiency within the contemporary enterprise milieu.

Features of wireless networks

We provide the design of the optimal deployment of access points, installation, configuration to subsequent management and service.
We use WPA3 technology with AAA server (RADIUS or TACACS) and user assignment according to their permissions.
Integration of WiFi security into the Microsoft Active Directory environment via certificates.
As part of our partnership (Cisco Advanced Wireless LAN Specialization, Extreme Networks Partner) we have the latest Wi-Fi 6/6E technologies.

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