Structured Cabling

Already at the project stage, we start from the overall conditions for the construction of a structured cabling system, which are mainly the environment, technical parameters, safety, design, the customer’s vision and ideas and the complexity of the technologies used.

We place great emphasis on the design of the installation of structured cabling – whether in an office environment or in an industrial environment (distinctive marking of troughs with optical and metallic cables, distinguished from other cables by colour and position).

We carry out complex network deliveries and complete turnkey IT solutions. As part of such a solution, we offer a telecommunications and communications infrastructure network incl. IP-telephony, supply of central computing capacities, downstream wifi network, electronic fire alarm system, electronic security system, camera systems, backup power supply systems (UPS) including installation of motor generators, and last but not least, supply and implementation of software products offered by us.

Already at the project stage, we base the overall conditions for the construction of a structured cabling system on the environment, technical parameters, safety, design, complexity of the technologies used, and the customer’s vision and ideas.

Features of structured cabling

  • Implementation of shielded and unshielded cabling as well as fibre optic cable distribution. Among the systems used are mainly Nexans (Alcatel) and Panduit/Belden manufacturers and systems.
  • We offer a comprehensive service for structured cabling 365x24hours a year. For particularly critical installations, we propose redundancy of active components and cable segments at the project stage so that in the event of a failure of one route or active element, the network as a whole remains functional.
  • Measurement protocols are a natural part of the delivery and also an output, accompanied by a warranty that varies from 15 to 20 years depending on the system used.
  • We have many years of experience and knowledge of technology, supply and implementation of downstream systems of active elements, telecommunications equipment, video conferencing or camera systems.
  • Supply of fire alarm systems, security systems and STA (common television antenna), which belong to low-current distribution systems.
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