NetSuite Finance / ERP

NetSuite’s financial management solution provides comprehensive accounting features that significantly accelerate financial close, offers efficient invoice and expense management, simplifies order and sales management, and provides instant visibility and reporting for managing the company’s finances. Easily integrate the solution into your existing processes.

Using NetSuite Finance/ERP, you will gain a number of benefits, including reduced financial close times and significantly more efficient financial operations. With instant reporting and personalized dashboards, you’ll have immediate access to all the data you need to make quick and informed decisions. The system allows for continuous updates of revenue reporting, tax requirements and financial reports, in accordance with various accounting standards and national legislation. This provides you with a complete and immediate overview of the financial performance of the entire company, enabling better strategic planning and management.

NetSuite is the most commonly implemented ERP solution used by over 30,000 organizations.

We have created a complete package for Czech localization.

Main features

Powerful financial management

  • Over 100 standard reports; profit and loss statements, balance sheets, consolidated statements, variance reports and illustrative comparisons.
  • Flexible general ledger; receivables and payables support an unlimited number of accounts, sub-accounts and segments.
  • Automatic allocations, currency management tools, and closures.
  • Continuously active audit trail provides a complete view of every transaction.
  • Fixed asset management allows for maintenance and control over the life of depreciated and non-depreciated assets.
  • Can handle a variety of accounting and business practices in different countries and supports local financial reporting and tax requirements.
  • Full multi-currency accounting support for branches in other countries or for trading with foreign companies.

Comprehensive management of the entire process from order to payment

  • Speed up the entire purchasing process – from quotation to order to invoice payment (one database reduces manual data entry, eliminating errors and speeding up order management.
  • Converts quotes to approved sales orders and routes them to the finance department for the primary purpose of invoicing and revenue reporting.
  • Integrates order fulfillment with inventory management and vendors to increase efficiency.
  • Automatically incorporates pricing and discounting rules into the quotation process.
  • Automates revenue recognition by establishing rules for how sales orders will be accounted for and fulfilled.
  • Reduces fulfillment errors by electronically routing orders to suppliers for direct delivery.
  • Provides instant visibility into the entire order management process by displaying orders, trends and order conversion.
  • Automates invoice creation by calculating sales tax, finance charges and discounts based on payment terms.
  • Provides flexibility for accrual billing and prorated billing for part of the month.
  • Eliminates the need for repetitive data entry by easily accepting many different payment methods.
  • Self-service features allow customers to manage their own billing plans, payment options and data.

Intelligent purchase, inventory and fulfillment management

  • Allows employees to create and track purchase requests and orders, eliminating the need for paper forms.
  • Enforces strict order approval processes with automatic approval routing.
  • Multi-location inventory management makes it easy to determine which warehouse location will receive or fulfill an order.
  • Provides a comprehensive way to value goods than includes LIFO, FIFO, and average and standard valuations.
  • Integrated demand planning allows you to plan desired inventory levels based on historical data, business forecasts, average trends and seasonal fluctuations.
  • An integrated supplier center provides suppliers with self-service access to purchase orders, accounts payable data and other key information.
  • Easy integration supports direct delivery business models.
  • Ensured integration of deliveries including packaging with shipping companies such as UPS, FedEx and USPS.
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