Czech Republic

Structuring and Tax Planning

On the basis of the analysis of the company’s tax situation and proposed business plan, we will suggest a specific tax-optimal solution, including the potential use of international elements.

We first consider the potential impacts of the transactions under consideration, propose possible alternatives, including the calculation of the tax burden, and recommend the most suitable solution in relation to the company’s requirements.

Our structuring and tax planning services include, in particular:

  • Comprehensive consulting services regarding the tax implications of domestic and cross-border transactions;
  • Consulting on company formation, the choice of a suitable legal form and the structuring of holding company;
  • Consulting on setting up the optimal structure of companies in a group in relation to the tax burden on profits (planning the location of holding companies, structuring within the group, including the use of foreign jurisdictions);
  • Financing within a company group with regard to the tax burden;
  • Comprehensive consulting on the implementation of group transactions – mergers, acquisitions, sales and contributions.

Contact persons

Kateřina Provodová

Head of Tax Czech Republic

+420 226 219 000

Juraj Polák

Branch Manager RSM Slovakia

+421 948 760 928

Milan Černák

Managing Partner Slovakia

+421 905 984 161

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