Global mobility

Modern times bring flexibility in employment. Are your employees moving abroad or are you hiring abroad? You should always thoroughly examine the tax implications involved.

Cross-border employment brings with it additional employer obligations. We are ready to work with you to address the corporate and employment tax, health and social insurance implications depending on your specific cross-border employment model.

In cooperation with our colleagues in the international RSM network, we will provide you with a service that goes beyond borders. We will set up the right tax regime to comply with local and international regulations. We will advise you on the procedures for posted and seconded workers.

We are also ready to help you with other related issues, such as the correct assessment of the tax residency of the posted employee or setting up tax equalization (adjusting the salary from the tax burden caused by the posting of the employee). In cooperation with payroll experts, we will arrange for the management of the payroll agenda for seconded employees (shadow payroll).

We will also be happy to prepare personal and corporate income tax returns for non-resident taxpayers and provide confirmation of tax paid for the purpose of claiming tax credits abroad.

Your contact person

Jaroslav Sůsa

Tax Senior Manager