Don’t miss the train and digitalise your enterprise. Until 29 March 2024, you can receive support from the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

It’s clear that technology and IT will be crucial for the business of the future. That is why companies that want to maintain their market position and remain competitive should not underestimate digitalisation and automation. And that is exactly the area targeted by a call of the Ministry of Industry and Trade called Digital Enterprise – Virtual Enterprise, which aims to subsidise the digital development of SMEs through the purchase and implementation of advanced digital technology. The call has now been extended and applications can be submitted until 29 March 2024.

Who is the Virtual Enterprise call intended for? The call is a great opportunity for you if your business:

  • has fewer than 250 employees;
  • has a turnover of less than EUR 50 million or an annual balance sheet total of less than EUR 43 million;
  • will use the support for an investment in an amount between CZK 250,000 and EUR 200,000;
  • will use the support to invest in an establishment outside the city of Prague.

Note: The data on the number of employees, turnover and balance sheet total includes your company’s affiliated and partner companies. This means that if your corporate structure includes companies that own more than 25% of your company, you must add to your number of employees, turnover and balance sheet total their corresponding number of employees, turnover and balance sheet total in accordance with the ownership ratio. If the ownership exceeds 50%, the full 100% is included.

The call applies to the following digital investments:

  • advanced IT solutions, including implementation
  • improvements to internal connectivity
  • advanced logistics technologies
  • digital transformation (MES, MIS)
  • artificial intelligence systems
  • websites with extended functionality
  • training and certification
  • creating a digital twin
  • 24/7 hybrid sales equipment
  • purchase of HW and SW

Are you planning to invest in the digitalisation of your business? Do you meet the conditions above but are not sure how to process the application? We will be happy to help you.

  1. Schedule a short online informational meeting with us at which we will answer your questions and tell you more about the issue.
  2. Then we will ask you to fill in a detailed questionnaire to clarify your requirements and the situation of your company.
  3. We will evaluate the questionnaire together, discuss your options and, if everything is in order, we will complete the application for the MIT.

Don’t miss the opportunity! Be innovative and ready for the future with our expert team.

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