Invitation to join us for a webinar: Safeguard your business from phishing attacks

RSM professionals are preparing a series of cyber security seminars for you. These workshops are primarily intended for people whose background is not IT management, but who routinely use it in their work. It is about drawing attention to issues for people in leadership positions in order to understand the possible impacts of cyber attacks. The first of a series of web-based seminars (so-called webinars) will be on March 20 and will be focused on protecting against the phishing method. The organizers of these webinars are aware that time is expensive, so each webinar is designed to give a quick insight into the issue. They summarize the most important ideas and allow insight into users’ thinking and routine workflows. This helps to avoid risks and maintain the company’s credibility. Accept our invitation to a webinar and Secure your business from phishing attacks on Wednesday, March 20 from 13:00 CET (12:00 GMT). The webinar language will be English. Registration