Insufficient capacity? The solution is payroll outsourcing

You may be now facing the same problem as many other employers: insufficient capacity and substitutability of your employees, or finding and training of new employees. Unemployment in the Czech Republic has been at its lowest level for many months. As a result, HR management issues have become more and more uncomfortable for companies. For example, most of them more frequently face a situation when it is almost impossible to find a replacement for an employee during the notice period, let alone to squeeze in proper training and work handover. We know how to relieve you of these burdens, or even how to prevent them. Let us briefly introduce you to what we do and what we can offer you in payroll outsourcing. This is not mere payroll processing but a comprehensive client service. Most often, it comprises the following:
  • HR services;
  • Communication with employees during payroll processing;
  • Ordering various employee benefits via contractual partners;
  • Arranging training in safety at work and medical examinations for employees;
  • Preparing the employer’s internal regulations and rules;
  • Reporting as required by the client.
With many years of practice, we also develop technical solutions and are mindful of security. In providing our payroll services, we invest large sums of money in IT. We provide full service via our portals. We comply with the strictest requirements for data security under the GDPR. We undergo an IT audit every two years. Besides the above, our clients have an opportunity to use Payminator, an online tax application. Via this application, you can fill in and administer employee tax reliefs (annual income tax statements). More information is available on our website. Further, we have developed an HR portal that is designed to help HR managers record necessary data on employees, employee benefits, approvals of requests, and that also offers many other features. If you are interested in any of the solutions we offer, we will be pleased to discuss it with you in more detail.