AVG – Valuation for internal reporting pursuant to IFRS


AVG Technologies Group is one of the world’s four largest producers of security software. At the beginning of 2012, it confirmed its success by entering the prestigious NYSE stock exchange, with market capitalization in excess of USD 500,000,000. RSM CZ began working with AVG Technologies in 2006, in particular on projects involving itemized valuation of assets and liabilities of acquired companies for the purpose of financial reporting elaborated pursuant to International Financial Reporting Standards. These valuation projects typically concern fast-growing software companies with breakthrough products or companies with an innovative business model which is beneficial to AVG Group.

Client satisfaction

Vladimír Koutný: “What I appreciate most about RMS TACOMA is their time flexibility, professional approach, knowledge of valuation techniques and a high level of outputs, which surpassed our expectations in many cases. Cooperation with RSM CZ is and has always been excellent.”

How we helped

Rudolf Hájek: “For our company, it is very interesting to be involved in the valuation of assets of companies launching products on fast-growing markets that benefit the AVG Group. The valuation of these assets makes us explore new procedures that capture the fair value of risky assets. We trust that our approach is beneficial for AVG.”