Temporary replacement of the accounting team

We are equipped to offer replacements for any unexpected losses within your accounting team.

Should you find yourself confronted with the unexpected departure of an employee or their prolonged absence, we are here to assist. Our service includes providing your company with an experienced professional who is adept at swiftly adapting to new client requirements.

We offer the opportunity for both short-term and long-term cooperation.

What can we provide for you?

We will temporarily substitute for the absent senior staff member or other members of the accounting team. We will carry out all essential accounting tasks until a new functional team is established.

We offer a team of junior accountants, or even individual professionals, with a focus on billing and experience in various ERP systems. This includes a team leader to manage the daily operations of the billing department.

We will ensure a seamless handover of responsibilities and facilitate the onboarding of new members into the billing or accounting team, thereby stabilising the work environment.

Your contact persons

Lenka Černohubá

Head of Accounting

Anna Šteflová

Project Manager