RSM CZ&SK sets up a new department of Transaction Advisory Services, with Lenka Zdražilová as the manager

The new department of Transaction Advisory Services has been created in response to the growing demand for transactional services. The focus of the department is mainly on financial and economic due diligence, financial reports (such as a transition from US GAAP to CZ GAAP), the preparation of opening balance sheets and consolidated financial statements, merger and acquisition project coordination, obtaining financing, and preparing documentation for hedge accounting. The Transaction Advisory Services department will be led by Lenka Zdražilová as the manager of a team of experienced advisers who will help you find solutions and minimise risks associated with mergers, acquisitions or company restructuring. Lenka Zdražilová has been active in corporate finance for over 10 years. During that time, she has acquired professional experience in financial due diligence, controlling, finance, accounting and taxation. As a project manager at RSM, Lenka has specialised mainly in mergers and restructuring. Monika Marečková, managing partner of RSM CZ&SK, says: “The creation of a transactional advisory department has always been a part of our long-term plan. Considering the increase in the number of transactions carried out by our long-term clients, we want to take the opportunity to join them in interesting projects in which this department will specialise.” More details about our service are available on our website. Or you can contact us directly for more information about the services we offer.