RSM CZ launches new Family Office service managed by Michal Šubín

RSM CZ has recently launched a new service for private clients – the Family Office. The service will be managed by Michal Šubín, who became the manager of the RSM CZ Family Office after nine years as Private Banking Manager and a leader of the private banker team at Slovak Privatbanka. Monika Marečková, Managing Partner RSM CZ: “We have been considering introducing the Family Office service for a long time. We have felt a growing demand from our clients who, besides corporate matters, seek answers to important private issues, such as succession and private asset management. Family businesses are a traditional cornerstone of European economies. As a member of the worldwide network of advisory firms RSM, we know that the Family Office is a standard service in countries in the West. At the same time, we can use the valuable experience and tips from our colleagues in the RSM network. We have been looking for an ideal person to manage the service for a long time. At last, I am glad that the person is Michal, who is an experienced expert in private services. With his previous professional practice in Slovakia, we can hit the ground running with the Family Office services both in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.” Michal Šubín, Head of the Family Office: “In our region the Family Office is a relatively new service intended for really successful families. It combines a wide range of professional consultancy. I have shifted my focus more in this direction. The offer I’ve been given by RSM CZ in combination with its excellent expertise and support is an exciting challenge for me that I am happy to take on.” Michal Šubín graduated from the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava. Michal is an expert with many years of experience in the sale of investment instruments, asset management and private banking, delivering excellent business results. Michal is experienced in building and managing teams of more than 20 members and creating and developing internal and selling processes in companies from a start-up level. Michal has long-term practice in defining business and organisational targets and responsibilities for the achievement of the targets. He is married and a father of two children. He enjoys hiking and golfing.

About RSM CZ

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