Small-scale employment

Small-scale employment is deemed to mean employment with a monthly income agreed below CZK 2,500 or employment where no monthly income has been agreed and the employee does not achieve a monthly income of CZK 2,500. Thereby the employee does not meet the requirements for participating in sickness insurance, is not listed in the register of insured persons and hence not entitled to sickness benefits. If an employee does not achieve a monthly income of CZK 2,500, it is small-scale employment and the employee is not registered for health and sickness insurance. If an employee’s assessment basis reaches CZK 2,500 in a given month, the employer must register the employee with the health insurance company and the Czech Social Security Administration retrospectively for the month. This must be notified by the 20th day in the month following the first month of the employee’s participation in sickness insurance. An employee in small-scale employment participating in sickness insurance is entitled to sickness benefits and maternity benefits. However, please note that an employee in this form of employment is not entitled to family member care benefits. Employees working under agreements to complete a job participate in sickness insurance in the month in which their eligible income exceeds CZK 10,000. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to learn more. We would be happy to help.