Intrastat Reporting news for 2022

The new government regulation, which implements the Regulation (EU) of the European Parliament and the Council, has introduced several changes and innovations both in Intrastat reporting and the data to be reported. The threshold for reporting has not been changed and remains at CZK 12 million per year in both directions. One of the major amendments affecting Intrastat reporting from January 2022 is a change in terminology. The term “import of goods into another Member State” will now be used for “receipt” and “export of goods from another Member State” for “dispatch”. Reporting units will now also report the code of the country of origin for exported goods and the tax identification assigned for VAT purposes to the partner entity in the Member State to which the goods will be exported. The limit for small consignments, the method used for rounding units of measurements, the reporting of “100% credit” and transaction nature codes have also been changed. New transaction nature codes are available on the CSO website together with the converter. The greatest innovation introduced by this regulation is the possibility of simplified reporting. Simplified reporting can be used for reporting units that reached CZK 12 million in the previous year but did not exceed CZK 20 million in one direction. At the same time, the reporting unit must not have traded in the previous year or in the reporting year in commodities listed in the Communication of the Czech Statistical Office on the list of goods not intended for simplified reporting, such as alcoholic beverages. The reporting unit that meets these conditions (for each direction separately) will submit a simplified report once a year, containing only the direction of movement of goods, the reference period and the code of the type of the simplified reporting sentence, by the deadline for the submission of the report for the reference period of January of a given year. If the obligation to register for Intrastat arises in the course of the calendar year, the simplified report is then submitted in the reference period in which the obligation arose. However, please note that the obligation to record individual transactions and their amount for the period in question does not lapse for the reporting unit because once the 20 million threshold is exceeded, the obligation to submit a proper Intrastat report in the respective direction automatically arises. The first simplified report can be submitted for January 2022, i.e. by 16 February 2022, if submitted electronically. If you are not sure whether the possibility of simplified reporting applies to your company or whether it is beneficial for you, please do not hesitate to contact us.