RSM CZ expands into Slovakia

We want to be closer to you and follow you wherever you do business. Since March 2014, we have therefore started offering RSM CZ’s tax and accounting services in Slovakia. Our already existing Valuation Institute has been joined by tax consultancy and accounting outsourcing since March. As a result, we have managed to fill in the last blank spot on the CEE map and are now present as the RSM International Network in all CEE countries. “We have recently seen an increased in the number of inquiries from Slovakia. We want to address clients’ needs and requirements directly – we always prefer personal contact and are glad to comply with our clients’ requirements. This is why we have decided to add more services to the existing valuation institute,” says Kateřina Provodová, Head of RSM CZ Tax. “We established RSM CZ Valuation in Slovakia shortly before the crisis, believing that other services will follow. It took a while, but we now feel that this is the right time. In the meantime, we have joined the strong RSM network of consultancies, and our expanded portfolio of services in Slovak fills in the blank spot on RSM’s global map and, in particular, the last blank spot on the CEE map which is a key region for most of our clients. Therefore, this step has been given an enthusiastic welcome by our RSM partners from neighbouring countries. We have been dealing with the situation in Slovakia quite intensively but we had failed to find a suitable partner for RSM for quite a long time,” adds Monika Marečková, Managing Partner of RSM CZ. RSM around the world. You can contact RSM CZ Consulting’s branch at:

Tax Services:

Viera Karlíková, Manager Tax Slovakia E-mail:

Accounting Outsourcing:

Barbora Brühlová, Head of Accounting Tel.: +420 731 502 041 Email:


Peter Straňák, Manager RSM CZ Valuation Slovakia Tel.: + 421 914 320 590 Email:

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