RSM CZ combines with ARC Consulting to create RSM Technology CZ

RSM CZ combines with ARC Consulting to form a new firm under the name RSM Technology CZ with effect from 5 September 2016. Each company will hold a 50 percent interest. The combination and close partnership of both companies reflect clients’ increasing needs of corporate advice and enterprise systems. RSM Technology CZ will also become a central European provider for NetSuite, very popular cloud ERP applications recently acquired by ORACLE. “The new arrangement will bring numerous benefits to our existing and future clients. As a member of RSM International, RSM CZ is one of the world’s largest consulting experts with many years of history and extensive experience. To us, the combination of RSM CZ’s know-how and environment and the enterprise system technologies, in which ARC Consulting has specialised since 2007, is an opportunity to use a wide range of synergies, to introduce clients to new integrated and tailored solutions, and to enhance the quality of services. The union with RSM will enable us to play a more important role in international projects”, says Tomáš Janeček, the founder of ARC Consulting and the executive officer and CEO of RSM Technology CZ. Monika Marečková, RSM CZ’s Managing Partner, comments on the combination: “We continue building a strong consulting and technological group in the Czech market. After RSM INFINITY has become a member of the RSM network, this is another step towards achieving our goals. With RSM Technology CZ, we will offer our clients a possibility to choose an optimum enterprise system (ERP). We believe in cooperation with Microsoft and its Dynamics solutions. However, at the same time, we offer a cloud ERP alternative in the form of NetSuite. This gives our clients a choice. The combination of all three companies will enable us to look for and implement, jointly with our clients, first-rate solutions that drive growth.” “With the recent acquisitions, RSM companies now have a team of nearly 200 experts in the Czech market. This makes us one of the largest consultancies in the market”, adds Monika Marečková.

About RSM Technology CZ

RSM Technology was formed from ARC Consulting, a consultancy that has been present in the Czech market for 9 years. The firm specialises in developing and implementing information systems for comprehensive enterprise management (ERP, CRM and ecommerce). Since beginning, ARC Consulting has focused on cloud applications. It is the only provider of NetSuite in the Czech Republic and a provider of Oracle systems.

About RSM CZ

RSM CZ is a consultancy firm providing comprehensive tax, accounting and payroll consultancy, valuation and management consulting services. RSM CZ specialises in mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance and trust services. The company has been present in the market since 1993, first under the name of TACOMA, and since 1 July 2011, as RSM CZ, after it became a member of the world’s sixth largest network of independent advisory firms RSM International.

About RSM International

RSM is the sixth largest network of independent audit, tax and consulting firms, encompassing over 120 countries, 760 offices and more than 38,000 people internationally. The network’s total fee income is US$4.64 billion. RSM is the lead sponsor and corporate champion of the European Business Awards promoting commercial excellence and recognition of entrepreneurial brilliance.