RSM CZ is enlarging its market position in payroll services through the acquisition of Nugget SW

RSM CZ a.s. is acquiring a 100% stake in Nugget SW s.r.o., which has been specialising in payroll outsourcing, payroll software development, personnel, and human resources management for the past 25 years. RSM CZ will therefore, significantly improve in the field of complex payroll consulting and, besides expanding their team of payroll outsourcing, they will also get their own payroll software. Nugget SW, just like RSM CZ has activities in Slovakia, which are also part of the agreement. Stanislav Hůla, one of the founders and long-term CEO of Nugget SW, commented: “The current climate in the payroll software industry has changed, in as such, that with increasing globalization, and even greater market share being acquired by larger companies, small to medium sized firms such as Nugget SW have not been as successful in tenders unlike that of our larger counterparts. Our clients which are primarily international corporations with Czech and Slovak branches, have demands which are not currently able to be provided by small to medium sized firms. The decision by RSM CZ to acquire Nugget SW improves our situation by boosting us from a small-scale firm, to being a member of a perspective and stable team of international professionals which are some of the biggest and best in the world.” Monika Marečková, chairwoman of the board of directors and managing partner of RSM CZ said: “Nugget SW has hundreds of clients, 35 employees, a revenue of more than EUR 1,6 million and has been in the industry for over 25 years. It is a great responsibility and I am honoured that all five founders trust RSM CZ to both continue their work, and developing Nugget SW further. Demand for payroll consulting is growing. RSM CZ has been offering payroll outsourcing for over 20 years now, we understand that some firms do not wish to share sensitive information with an external company, as such, with the expertise of Nugget SW, we are now able to offer our clients software which allows them to internalise their payroll, or capitalise on the outsourcing expertise of RSM CZ. With the acquisition of Nugget SW we continue to grow as a strong consultancy and technology group in the Czech and Slovak markets, and offer our clients the freedom to choose which service best suits their needs and demands.” Ms Marečková continues: “With our mergers and acquisitions in the past few years, and the latest one with Nugget SW, RSM companies now have a team of nearly 240 experts in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This makes us one of the largest consultancies in the market.”

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