Nugget SW Becomes RSM Payroll Solutions CZ

RSM CZ a.s. bought a 100% share in Nugget SW s.r.o., a company that specialises in payroll outsourcing and the development of software for payroll processing and human resources management, in July last year. Early this year, Nugget SW was successfully integrated with the RSM advisory network and, starting from 20 January 2020, will be operating under a new name, RSM Payroll Solutions CZ s.r.o. The company has also adopted the consistent visual style of the RSM network. The payroll processing software will keep its current name, Nugget SW. Monika Marečková, Chairwoman of the board of directors at RSM CZ a.s. and Managing Director at RSM Payroll Solutions CZ s.r.o., adds: “As we announced when we bought Nugget SW, we plan to keep developing the company further. Because it is now part of the RSM network, we wish to assure our clients that they can continue to trust the Nugget SW product. We will be offering our services at RSM quality and to RSM standards, with a great emphasis on the security of the processed data. With this step, we also want to reaffirm our belief in the RSM brand, which we want to support strongly and develop on the Czech and Slovak markets to offer our clients professional services with a global reach.” RSM is represented in the Czech Republic by more than 240 experts, making it one of the largest consulting firms on the market.

Together with the change of name, the company will also relocate its registered seat:

Other contact details remain unchanged.

About RSM CZ

RSM in the Czech Republic and Slovakia is a member of the global network of independent advisory firms RSM International, branded RSM. The network is currently present in 116 countries and has a combined staff of 41,000 in 750 offices around the world. Concerning the most significant firms, RSM International is well-known, especially in the Americas, Asia and Europe (mainly the United Kingdom). Thanks to the mutual collaboration of the member firms, we can provide a wide range of advisory services to the clients on local and international markets. More details about RSM International is available at RSM in CZ & SK provides comprehensive advisory services in Tax, Accounting, and Payroll Consultancy as well as Business Valuations, Management Consulting, Mergers & Acquisitions,  and Trust Services. At the same time, we also specialize in the Technological areas such as Security, Cloud Computing, Enterprise Application Software, Software Development and Infrastructure and Outsourcing. Newly, the company also offers the Nugget SW payroll system. More details about our services are available at