Attractiveness of MBO keeps growing in the Czech environment – another significant transaction in the IT industry

After joining BSC PRAHA, spol. s r.o. (BSC) 20 years ago, Petr Koutný gradually rose to key positions, later acquired a minor ownership interest and became the General Manager in 2006. In 2012 a good moment arrived to acquire the 100% ownership interest in BSC and to accomplish the visions that he had dreamt of as the General Manager. BSC is one of the leading providers of FrontOffice applications for financial institutions in European markets, primarily in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Ukraine and Russia where BSC has its own offices. In 2011, an office was opened in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, which offers a great potential for banking applications. BSC has scored successes primarily with their internet and mobile banking solutions and comprehensive digital portals. They have also been successful with their BackOffice systems. In the area of regulatory reporting BSC is the leader in the Czech banking market (almost 70 % of the market). The banks using BSC’s products are often winners of various professional awards, both national and international. The current clients of BSC include Air Bank, Alfa-Bank, Amsterdam Trade Bank, AXA Bank, BCS Bank, Citibank, Commerzbank, Česká exportní banka, Česká spořitelna, Českomoravská stavební spořitelna, Equa bank, GE Money Bank, Home Credit Bank, LBBW Bank, Oberbank AG, PPF banka, Platinum Bank, Raiffeisenbank, TATRA BANKA, TBC Bank, UniCredit Bank, Volksbank, etc. The vision for further development and growth of BSC was the motivation for implementing MBO. To make this vision come true, a simple ownership structure is essential, allowing the necessary flexibility in decision making, strategic management and motivation of key staff members. RSM CZ was Mr Koutný’s consultant in MBO. The company assisted in designing a suitable structure of the transaction, purchasing individual shareholders, defining the financing structure and negotiating with banks regarding the financing terms. Petr Koutný, the current owner of BSC, comments: “I’m very pleased that the transaction closing deadline required by other shareholders was met. I know I’ve taken great responsibility in a difficult time. But I can also see this is a great opportunity to strengthen BSC’s position and focus on further developing its strong points. My aim is to involve other members of the company’s top management more in strategic decisions.” Marek Rosenbaum, Partner of RSM CZ, said: “In many companies, MBO is a good tool to use their potential and start a new development stage. Mr Koutný can be a motivation for anyone who wants to rise to top management positions and also has the courage and ambition to become not only a manager but also an owner of a company. And all this primarily owing to thorough and efficient work. His experience and leadership can now help BSC grow further and develop new promising talents. We are proud we could take part in making this “Czech dream” come true.” For more information please contact: Marek Rosenbaum, Partner – Head of RSM CZ Corporate Finance Mobile: +420 603 419 837 E-mail: