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Security Testing

What Is Security Testing?

The testing of assets to detect resistance to various types of attacks and possible penetration of customer networks from the Internet or into key IT elements of the customer internal networks, and other specific forms of testing.

Security Testing Benefits

  • outsourcing security services to a qualified partner
  • a comprehensive solution for the whole life cycle of IS security and technological independence
  • modern technology solutions provided by Microsoft, Cisco Systems, NetIQ, ActivCard, Finmatica
  • highly qualified staff with certifications from MCSE, Cisco, HP, etc.
  • savings of funds that would otherwise be spent on an internal IT department; experts with technical know how at your disposal

Security Testing Features

  • technological independence
  • a comprehensive solution for the whole life cycle of IS security
  • system and security integration services
  • safety and penetration testing
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Department Director - IT infrastructure

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