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Our RSM Apps fully support HR management. They enable complete administration and registration of employee hierarchy, including keeping attendance and absence records. A special section is dedicated to travel expense reports. The section considerably simplifies and streamlines the management of this generally complex process that is often very protracted and bureaucratic in companies. The applications and simple, interactive and guide the user through individual steps (including an option to upload a company’s own internal instructions). This minimises any errors and significantly speeds up the entire process. Email notifications allow sending reminders to users or even enable user substitution.


  • Full records – The application contains information about employees including photographs. The records are linked to other applications.
  • Position in the company– Each employee is included in the company’s hierarchical structure and gets access rights depending on the hierarchical level.
  • Requests and property – Employees may request to be provided with assets which are then recorded.


  • Simple and transparent – The application is easy to control. All important information is kept in one place. It allows you to keep track of your team.
  • Various types of absence – Each type of absence has specific settings.
  • Limits and balances and other features can be set.
  • Approval – Requests can be approved according to defined rules. Email notifications.


  • Simple and precise records – One-click management of attendance.
  • Option to connect to reporting – Project activities can simply be reported in attendance.
  • Detailed assessment – Requests can be approved according to defined rules. Email notifications.

Travel expense reports

  • Comprehensive process management – Travel expense reports are managed from entering a request to final settlement.
  • Meal allowance calculations – Employee entitlement to meal allowances is calculated based on current rates.
  • Advance payments – Support for approvals and separate settlement of advance payments.

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