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Today, each organisation has to get to grips with thousands of documents. RSM Apps will help you with a detailed, yet easy administration. The applications will master complete registration and offer a number of advanced options, allowing you, for instance, to use a comment procedure. Approving documents via the applications is very effective as multiple approval is supported. You simply assign documents to relevant employees for approval and you can even send them reminders using notifications. The applications also include a special part that helps your company automate document creation.

Contract register

  • Detailed records
  • Comment procedures
  • Deadline monitoring

Document approval

  • From digitisation to archiving – Dealing with all process stages from creating electronic documents to archiving.
  • Vast approval options – Multiple approvals supported. Documents broken down into several approval processes.
  • Document creation optimisation – The solution comprises a specialised application that facilitates automated document creation.

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Milan Smutný

Head of Software Development

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