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Document Management System (DMS)

Our solution aims to streamline as much as possible all activities relating to the processing of internal and external documents that must be registered and approved in a company. The main idea is based on the digitisation of hardcopy documents that are then processed into an electronic copy according to predefined clear rules.

Main benefits


The entire process is much faster and the time necessary to process documents is significantly reduced. The risk of a failure to meet payment days and deadlines is minimised. Employee administrative burden is much eased and documents need not circulate inside the company. The greatest savings are achieved in companies with more locations or with outsourced accounting and related services.


All information for document processing is accessible via a web browser inside the company or externally outside the internal network. Users can process the documents nearly anytime, anywhere. A large part of documents must be approved by the management, which is often hindered by their lack of time and availability.


The system operates according to strictly defined rules and access rights for individual users. Each user only has access to information that is relevant for his work.

Original documents get no longer lost. They get archived immediately after scanning and only their digital copies circulate around the company.

The digital archive can be backed up and archived more efficiently than hardcopy documents.


Individual processing steps are defined according to transparent rules. This minimises various exceptions that commonly exist in companies. Consequently, a company’s processes get very close to its own regulations and requirements arising from other general standards, such as ISO 9001.

User transactions are logged in detail. The author and the time of a given transaction can be tracked back.

Individual employee activities can be monitored very efficiently. This provides information such as where a document is awaiting approval and whom it takes the longest time to respond.

User activity monitoring and the trackback option are a good precaution and an employee motivation tool to ensure they use the system responsibly.

The solution also provides a large number of control mechanisms. One of them serves to effectively monitor the stages of processing of individual documents. The solution also includes a definition of reminders in cases when a task is not completed by the deadline and so on.


Employees can find relevant information in the system very quickly and effectively. The required document can be accessed from anywhere using several clicks and there is no need to go through document files.

Documents can be interconnected. For example, one can open an invoice and then a related purchase order based on which the invoice was issued.

Documents can be accessed from other systems. For instance, in the ERP system, a scanned original saved in a DMS application can be opened in the detailed invoice form.


Approval processes can be defined to enable expenses to be approved before they are incurred. For example, an expense can be approved at the moment when an internal purchase order is issued. The invoice can then be processed automatically. This enables better cash flow and cost planning in view of the company’s budget.


Nowadays, changes take place very often to which companies must quickly respond. Such changes are often reflected in the company’s management. As a result, the solution has been designed to provide maximum versatility. The environment enables modelling individual processes using a graphic designer and a form and the views can be dynamically adjusted. A large part of the system can be adjusted by the company immediately and modified without any intervention from the provider.

Automated data extraction

Standard document processing only uses digital copies of the documents (pictures) in the PDF format. Data stated on the documents that are necessary for accounting must be copied manually. This solution can be extended using optical character recognition (OCR) technology. The recognition allows text information to be extracted from scanned images to be processed by the application. Using various algorithms, the application pre-fills specific fields. The user no longer needs to copy the data and merely checks them for correctness. This greatly streamlines data acquisition and makes the activity more accurate.

Income invoice processing

Companies derive the maximum benefit from deploying our solution to invoice processing and approval. Incoming invoices are digitalised, their attributes automatically processed and then the documents undergo a managed approval process within the company. The approval process reflects different corporate rules, approval matrices and financial limits and provides other functions, such as working with the contract system and matching documents to purchase orders.

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