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RSM Apps – Simple applications for effective organisations

Simplicity is the key to success. RSM Apps are modern applications that can be accessed from anywhere and facilitate the effective management of your company. The applications are simple, interactive and user friendly for all employees. We create solutions tailored to each client’s needs. This enables us to supply a suitable solution to mid-sized as well as large businesses to precisely satisfy your requirements. You only use and pay for what your business really needs. We adapt the applications to meet the requirements of your organisation, the type of your business as well as of applicable Czech (or other) laws.


Key features

  • Maximum adaptation
    • The entire solution is highly flexible and can be adjusted to the client’s needs. Users only use what they really need.
  • Credibility and verifiability
    • All user transactions are archived, including the history of changes in individual form fields.
  • Uniform control
    • The applications are designed to allow direct and intuitive control. All applications are controlled the same way.
  • User interchangeability
    • The process will not stop if a user is unavailable. Users can be substituted and their rights delegated.
  • Security
    • The solution is fully secured. Access rights can be set down to individual form fields.
  • Multilingual support
    • Users can work in their language environment.
  • Statistics and reporting
    • The application provides information about the activities of individual users.
  • Openness
    • The applications can connect to a wide number of third-party applications. They support the universal API interface using XML.
  • GDPR Ready
    • The applications have been developed in compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

Contact persons

Milan Smutný

Head of Software Development

+420 531 025 111


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