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We deliver tailored-made solutions designed in accordance with your business requirements: from the functionality concept to testing and implementing the final product.

NetSuite CZ/SK package

We are a localization partner of NetSuite. Currently we are developing a supplement to the system to support Czech and Slovak accounting standards and practices.

Among the essential items of CZ/SK package belongs: the official Czech accounting statements Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement, support for processing of received advances, the processing of open items, entry forms for incoming and outgoing transaction and print kits of Czech outgoing tax documents.

We connect NetSuite to Czech ARES register and a register of unreliable payers. We are currently working on support of a solution for processing mutual payables and receivables among economic entities.

Taleo – G2 integration

Taleo Connector is an integration package developed by ARC Consulting (now called RSM Technology) to connect the platform for talent management processes provided by Oracle with LMC G2 application for talent recruitment. It consists of several components – see the scheme below.

integrace taleo

  1. Taleo Cloud Service is a customer’s platform for talent management.
  2. Taleo Connect Client (TCC) is a standard integration component provided by Oracle for free to each Taleo customer. It is used for all data exchange tasks like exports and imports. ARC Consulting prepared the specific configuration files to support G2 integration.
  3. Java utility is a specific ARC Consulting piece of code which enables TCC and G2 to communicate. Unfortunately it is not possible to connect both applications directly and this utility helps to align communication methods on both sides. It also transforms the data sets to the proper format.
  4. G2 is an application provided by LMC to maintain accounts at Users can see their postings/requisitions, sort and filter candidates, change the publishing rules etc.

Benefits of the solution:

  • Time savings due to the automatic data transfer
  • Broader candidate pool for better sourcing of new job openings
  • Less usage of personal agencies or job postings on external sites because of improved candidate pool – you can directly contact applicants from previous job postings
  • Mass communication to all candidates to keep them patient and having heads-up or to reject them

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