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A successful business must meet the ever-growing demands of the market. Modern management tools rely on access to information, and the ability to filter and analyze it. Success is achieved through making sound business decisions on the basis on relevant and accurate information. Choosing the right IT system is vital to increasing the overall efficiency of an organization.

IT System Selection

Choosing the right IT system is the cornerstone of all implementation projects. The system itself is often referred to as “tailor-made,” and for good reason. The cost of implementing and maintaining an IT system usually consumes a significant portion of a project’s budget, therefore, the choice must not be made lightly.

ARC Consulting offers specialist services in analyzing financial, production and warehousing processes in order to help select the optimal ERP/HCM solution available.

Our experience includes:

  • Preparing comprehensive quotation requests;
  • Assisting in selecting IT systems and their providers;
  • Verifying contracts and supporting trade negotiations;
  • Supervising implementations.

IT Due Dilligence

Due Diligence consists in scrutinizing a company’s infrastructure and the IT systems used. Its primary objective is the assessment of the risks associated with unplanned expenditures and any other potential IT issues.

Our experience includes:

  • Inventory-taking of the systems and interfaces currently in use;
  • Analyzing the functionality gap (what functionality is currently in use, what functionality is desired but is currently not in use);
  • Analyzing day-to-day issues in using and maintaining the system (e.g. recurring system errors, poor system performance);
  • Analyzing the organizational structure of the IT department, arranging support for system users (helpdesk, system maintenance procedures, change management);
  • Evaluating the planned IT investments required for the smooth operating of a business;
  • Evaluating the risks associated with IT system maintenance.

Supporting implementation projects

Our consultants are competent in supporting and leading our Clients’ teams on projects managed by third-party vendors. After defining the project scope, requirements and team in a sufficient manner, we are able to serve as the first point of contact for the system vendor, assist in collecting system and business requirements, monitor system tests and system handover.

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