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ERP – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central or NetSuite

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) starting with shared databases contains the information that every company needs to manage – the business processes. From accounting and finance, through warehousing, inventory, and production, to order processing and human resource management. Based on these shared data systems, ERPs allocate various modules to automate and integrate workflows, track, and analyze operations, and support faster, smarter decisions.

We understand the supply of business information systems, business applications, and system integration services as an ongoing process of customer support not only in the stages of selecting individual IS components in the integration of selected solutions, including guaranteed functionality and risk transfer, but also in the continuous development of your business with IT interconnection.

We can meet the requirements of medium and large companies. We specialize in the implementation and maintenance of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central and NetSuite. We have authorized partners of Microsoft and Oracle NetSuite. In addition, we have created localization packages for NetSuite for the Czech and Slovak Republics, thanks to which your reports will be in full compliance with Czech and Slovak accounting regulations.

Both ERP systems allow you to manage important business processes, respond quickly to changes and get the most out of your activities and resources. We will be happy to introduce you to products covering advanced integrated information systems for medium and large companies.

Are you thinking about whether the ERP system is suitable for your company or have you already chosen the choice of ERP and are you confused about what all the information is for the right choice? Wait for our articles in the Blog section and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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