NetSuite CRM+

NetSuite CRM+ can be integrated with your existing ERP systems to connect your cloud CRM system with your other business processes.

The only database for powerful customer relationship management.  Simplify and accelerate your sales force automation (SFA), marketing, customer support and service processes with NetSuite Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Unlike conventional CRM solutions, NetSuite includes powerful sales performance management, order management, partner management, and marketing effectiveness features.

There are many benefits to be gained by using NetSuite CRM+. These include simplified processes from customer acquisition to closing the deal – giving you better control over the entire sales cycle. The system also improves productivity across the organization with a comprehensive view of your customers and their needs. Sales will also increase significantly thanks to forecasting capabilities, commission management and up-sell and cross-sell strategies. Sales and service management will become efficient on a global level and allow for better coordination. In addition, the system offers flexible customisation options, meaning you can tailor it to the needs of your organisation and industry.

Main features of the CRM+ solution

Powerful sales force automation

  • Enables the sales team at opportunities to manage status, potential revenue, key contacts, notes, related documents and more.
  • Provides sales managers with complete information on all leads and opportunities being processed.
  • Comprehensive contact and activity management ensures that the sales team has the tools needed to capture detailed records of all interactions – calls, meetings, notes, emails and more.
  • It allows the sales team to convert sales opportunities into quotes and then into sales orders with one click.
  • Team Sales allows tracking of multiple sales roles for each opportunity, including sales reps, managers, technicians and specialists.
  • The document management feature allows businesses to create and maintain a sales portal that includes the latest materials, sales guides and product information.

Advanced sales forecasting and quotation management

  • Opportunities, quotes and estimates include a forecast category that allows users to categorize a deal as low, promising or high.
  • Probability-based forecasts provide weighted assessments of pending opportunities, quotes and orders, with the ability to make necessary adjustments as each trade progresses.
  • Forecast extension tools allow sales reps and managers to independently perform forecasts at each level and compare the accuracy of processing and forecasts.
  • Instant forecasts and a check and balance system that uses business forecasts makes sales more predictable.

Automatic performance reward management

  • This solution offers easy configuration of sophisticated sales commission rules based on quotes, sales, volume, profitability and other criteria.
  • It allows you to create flexible commission plans – monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.
  • Compensation plan flexibility makes it easy to set up promotion-specific incentives with short-term bonuses, and also supports period-only incentives.
  • It provides the sales team with a complete view of remuneration through summary and detailed commission reports.
  • Ability to integrate with internal processes – from sales commission calculation to payment – through the built-in features of NetSuite’s payroll processing solution or integration with an existing payroll processing solution.

Comprehensive management of additional sales, quotations and orders

  • The order capture process includes intelligent resale management that provides recommendations based on previous purchase patterns.
  • It improves the accuracy of quotes and orders by including automatic calculations of taxes and freight rates.
  • It automatically incorporates pricing and discount rules into the quoting process, enabling real-time management of quotes.
  • Supports pricing flexibility, such as creating automatic quotes based on volume discounts, contract prices, different price levels, etc.
  • With online approval and workflow management, it speeds up the order management process.

Suite Social – Integration with social networks and other tools

  • The integration of the Suite Social platform with Yammer and Quntext tools supports collaboration on sales opportunities, orders and other transactions between departments in a similar way to Twitter.
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook supports synchronization of calendars and contacts.
  • Integration with Google Apps supports calendar synchronization and contextual access to information in NetSuite from within Gmail.

Automation of the entire marketing process

Enables you to execute and track campaigns quickly and in real-time to maximize the value of sales leads and opportunities:

  • Automate the capture of sales leads from multiple sources such as websites, search engines, email, direct mail and events.
  • It offers email marketing – from creation to execution to evaluation – in one system.
  • Offers summary reports and detailed views for analyzing campaign statistics and return rates, from campaign launch to last order transaction.
  • Provides rules-based workflow tools that make it easy to convert. leads into actual customers by automatically managing and supporting lead nurturing programs.
  • Supports resale marketing by analyzing combinations of previous purchases or related products, providing a great foundation for resale campaigns.

Partner relationship management

Complete control over every element of the partnership process including joint marketing campaigns, lead management, business forecasting and opportunities, order processing, commissions and partner shares.

  • Leads management allows partners to register and track their leads.
  • It supports accurate, up-to-date forecasts of sales made by partners.
  • Provides a complete overview and potential customers, orders and sales activities of all partners.

Customer service and support

  • Case management automates the business processes associated with assigning, managing and escalating customer support cases.
  • It supports routing and tracking support cases by product, issue, case type, partner or customer.
  • Knowledgebase makes it easier for customers to get the answers they need, assists with training and education, and promotes consistency of service.
  • Dashboards and reports allow you to quickly see call resolution percentages, track first call resolution (FCR) metrics, analyze customer renewal retention, track call volume and trends, and monitor customer satisfaction.
  • Online self-service allows for customer case submission, status tracking, communication and more.
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