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What is the ERP system?

The delivery of enterprise information systems, application software, and systems integration services is the start of an on-going process of customer support provided during the stages when individual components of IS/IT are selected, while the selected solutions are integrated, including functionality guarantee and assumption of risks, and also throughout the continuous development of your business with IT interconnections.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) will encompass the planning and management of key internal enterprise processes, from the operational to the strategic level.

Portfolio Microsoft Dynamics allows you to manage important business processes, quickly respond to changes, and make the most of your activities and resources. We will be glad to provide detailed information on the comprehensive products embracing advanced integrated information systems for medium and large companies – Dynamics NAV, Dynamics AX.

ERP System Benefits

  • low long-term costs of acquisition and ownership (TCO)
  • more easily achievable return on investment (ROI)
  • flexible and quick adaptability to customer needs
  • cohesion with existing IT systems
  • full integration of various modules and easy integration of external programs
  • rich business functionality

ERP System Features

  • automation and integration of corporate processes
  • data and procedure sharing, including standardization, across the whole enterprise
  • creation of information and its accessibility across the whole enterprise
  • the ability to process historical data
  • a comprehensive approach to ERP solutions

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