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Custom Development

What is custom development?

Custom application development is intended for companies where standard software solutions or applications cannot be used. The solutions created in custom development are fully adapted to the customer’s needs and requirements resulting from the nature of its business processes.

Application development is a complex process that includes analysis, design, development, implementation, and long-term administration of the delivered solution.

We develop our solutions on preferred Oracle technologies (JEE5, PL/SQL, APEX) and Microsoft (. NET, C#).

Custom Development Benefits

  • solution is tailored to your specifications
  • competitive advantages arising from the uniqueness of the solution using the latest software and technology
  • reduced time and costs associated with the application development and management
  • possibility of smooth extension or integration with existing systems
  • no license restrictions on use (e.g. on the number of users, locations)

Custom Development Features

  • system is tailored to the customer, not the other way round
  • deployment of proven development methodologies and internationally recognized standards (the Prince methodology, PMBOK)
  • respect for the current technical base or any existing systems that require cooperation

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Milan Smutný

Head of Software Development

+420 531 025 111


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