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Hardware and Applications Supervising

What Is Hardware and Applications Supervising?

The supervisory centre services are designed in accordance with the ITIL v4 methodology, securing five basic functions with respect to IT/IS means (networks, devices, software, etc.).

The supervisory centre services make up one of the basic parts of Service Level Management, a tool for checking and proving the parameters of the Service Level Agreement (SLA).

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Hardware and Applications Monitoring Benefits

  • instantly received information about the state of IS/IT and its immediate verification
  • consolidation and increased efficiency of the environment administration through automation
  • performance increased through compliance with operational and efficiency parameters
  • effective planning of infrastructure development, including ensuring the life cycle of all IS/ IT components
  • reduced direct and indirect costs through engaging specialists of Infinity, a.s.
  • high availability in accordance with SLA – higher labour productivity

Hardware and Applications Monitoring Features

  • fault management – a basic tool when fault repair needs to be commenced immediately and subsequently finished by service engineers of the company’s competent department
  • configuration management – solved through the appropriate configuration tools
  • performance management – uses specialized tools provided by a specific producer either independently or as extensions of platform systems
  • security management – a company’s security policy, directory structures, and specialized tools

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