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Free security audit

What is a security audit?

Asset testing to determine resilience to various types of attacks, the possibility of intrusion from the Internet into a customer’s networks, intrusion into key IT elements of a customer’s internal networks and other specific forms of testing.

What does the audit include?

  • Checking the server and desktop infrastructure
    • Detecting unsupported systems
    • Mapping the currency of critical patches and updates
    • Verifying the security of current authentication methods
    • The presence and suitability of current anti-virus and anti-malware solutions
    • Possible threats stemming from current settings
    • Recommending changes according to best practices and current threats
  • Checking the network infrastructure (e.g.)
    • Management system and mechanisms
    • Up-to-date firmware and security mechanisms (encryption type, protocol version, multi-factor authentication)
    • LAN access security (open, 802.1x, …),
    • Implementation of network protection mechanisms (e.g. protection against loops, unwanted DHCP servers, etc.)
    • Revision of FW rules
    • Recommending changes according to best practices and current threats


  • Passive
    • In questionnaire form
    • By checking the settings either by connecting and/or viewing the configuration files
  • Active
    • OS update check and patches to correct errors in applications and OS (vulnerability scan)
    • We also offer penetration testing (paid service)

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