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Wireless Networks

What Are Wireless Networks?

We are often faced with questions of how to interconnect computer networks among two or more sites, buildings, or workshops, to connect a remote warehouse to the central plant, or to otherwise overcome a tricky obstacle with a cable.

We deploy resources from leading manufacturers of communication technologies, working in licence-free and licensed bands.

Wireless Networks Benefits

  • reduced total cost of ownership
  • mobility
  • scalability
  • high speed transfer
  • security by encryption
  • quick and reliable installation

Wireless Networks Features

  • our offer includes the design for an optimal layout of access points, including their installation, configuration, follow-up maintenance, and management.
  • we use WPA2 technology in connection with the RADIUS authentication server
  • integration of WiFi security with the Microsoft Active Directory environment through certificates
  • latest technologies are available under our partnerships (Cisco Advanced Wireless LAN Specialization, Motorola Partner Select Authorized Reseller, etc.)

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Head of Sales

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Petr Odvárka

Senior Specialist

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