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Unified Communication

What Is Unified Communication?

The boundaries between voice, email, conferencing, video and instant messaging services are removed. Services are increasingly intertwined, cooperating more closely at any time, being accessible from any place. This simplifies the working processes that depend on human responses.

We offer a package of intelligent products, services, and related software that simplify and accelerate communication, which then becomes more efficient.

Unified Communication Benefits

  • lower acquisition costs than a the system of private branch exchanges
  • high user mobility open solutions for connecting to required applications
  • a keenly priced system for deployment in multiple locations
  • money saved on telephone costs
  • money saved on travel costs

Unified Communication Features

  • telephone call setting and routing and client availability status for sending instant messages change depending on the settings of events in a calendar
  • applications are now available from mobile devices, mainly mobile phones with operating systems; for example, we can check the status of an order, send emails, etc. from a mobile phone
  • modern desktop phones can also be used as small computers and their displays with a sufficient resolution to enable them to operate some applications
  • integrating if the IVR solution, its interconnecting with IP telephony and enterprise information software
  • receiving and sending faxes – any incoming fax is processed and stored as an attachment to a received e-mail; an outgoing fax can be a scanned image or a selected document; the system reformats it and sends it to the defined number

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