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Communications, networks and security

Customized communication and network solutions with a professional focus on products supplied by manufacturers specializing in data and multimedia communications, such as Cisco Systems, Avaya, HP, Motorola, Microsoft, Meru Networks, etc.

IT security solutions cover the whole spectrum of information systems, with trust, integrity, and availability creating a framework enabling continuity of corporate operations while assuring the protection of sensitive data and know how.


Wireless Networks – an optimal layout of access points, including their installation, configuration, follow-up maintenance, and management.

Unified Communication – intelligent communication links between voice, email, conferencing, video, and instant messaging services.

Structured Cabling – designs of low-voltage and high-voltage power distribution systems and related project documentation offering the most efficient solutions in terms of technology and costs.

VPNs and Firewalls – modern tools for the secure publication of content and protected remote access to information.

Risk Analysis – detailed identification of key activities and weak points, with measures to remedy detected deficiencies.

Mobile Safety – supervision of mobile applications, active monitoring and preventive protection of unauthorized devices.

Antispam Solutions – an intelligent system for detecting spam using Symantec and ESET technologies.

Identity Management – the system controls the life cycle of user accounts from one location while monitoring their changes.

Security Testing – a solution covering the life cycle of information system security and ensuring technological independence.

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