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Business Consulting

Making the right business decisions depends on many factors. RSM specializes in introducing changes to many areas of a company’s activities. With our assistance, companies gain the opportunity to increase their efficiency and optimize costs. We inspire our Clients to make changes which translate into measurable gains and top results.

Service Centers

In the recent years, we have observed a growing trend of implementing a business model based on outsourcing / offshoring selected business processes. Companies can focus on their main area of interest and save unnecessary costs.

Our specialists have been involved in offshoring projects from the very beginning, starting from service center setup, through process optimization, support model re-organization, IT system implementation, definition of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Service Level Agreements (SLAs), Operating Level Agreements (OLAs), to relocating service centers.

Our competencies include:

  • Conducting a feasibility study and preparing a business case
  • Establishing service centers (full project cycle and support)
  • Implementing and maintaining ERP systems
  • Process management, modeling and documentation
  • Support in defining SLA/OLA agreements and KPI’s

Mergers & Acquisitions

For M&A projects (Mergers and Acquisitions), RSM offers specialist services in analyzing companies, processes and IT Due Diligence.

Our competencies include:

Company analysis:

  • Organizational structure analysis
  • Department competency and accountability analysis
  • Department efficiency evaluation
  • Staff potential analysis in view of the target organizational and legal structure (prepared jointly with a partner company specializing in HR consulting)

Business Process Analysis:

  • Process inventory-taking
  • Business process design and optimization
  • Document flow analysis
  • Process modeling

IT Due Diligence

Analysis of the current IT environment is delivered as a comprehensive report, which includes the relevant findings, recommended changes and optimizations, as well as the investment effort required to introduce them.

Change Management

Change is an inherent element of a company’s growth, and it affects various areas: organizational structure, staff, and procedures. The objective of each change should be to improve a company’s efficiency. The key to success is proper change management: the ability to adapt the rate of change and the means of implementing it to the task at hand. With the right approach, the process is guaranteed to run smoothly and will not be perceived negatively by the employees.

Our competencies include:

  • Defining the Change Management process to match Client needs and requirements
  • Defining the standards, procedures and document templates required to implement a change
  • Change planning
  • Automating a change management process
  • Support in communicating a change

Business Processes Management

RSM Technology assists in refining management processes, thereby increasing a company’s efficiency. We utilize the knowledge and expertise gained by our team in numerous implementation, integration and reorganization projects. We analyze our Clients’ current business processes, model and document them using acknowledged methodologies and tools, and define new processes which give organizations the competitive edge. We also deliver work instructions and procedures.

Our competencies include:

  • Knowledge of modeling standards
  • Knowledge of the major process modeling software
  • Experience in analyzing, designing and optimizing business processes, in particular for the retail and financial services industries.

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